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Halcyon Days: Sculpture (Luise Kimme & Stefan Falke)

Luise Kimme Halcyon Days SculptureGerman sculptor Luise Kimme was part of the Tobago landscape for more than 30 years; her Caribbean oeuvre is recorded here in Stefan Falke‘s photographs. Kimme’s life-size wood figures combine themes from local folklore with images from classical myth, medieval art and modernist dance, but the rhythm of their poise, always about to spring into exuberant action, is inspired by her fellow citizens of the village of Bethel: the swing and lilt of their everyday motion and the stylized drama of ceremony and celebration.

Her other titles with MEP’s Prospect Press include Bolero and Resurrection to Dance, both also with photography by Stefan Falke. Luise Kimme passed away in April 2013 after a battle with cancer, working on her distinctive sculptures and enjoying time with her dogs until the end.

About Sculpture

  • Author: Luise Kimme
  • Credits: Photography by Stefan Falke
  • Publisher: Prospect Press (2002)
  • Genre: Art
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 95
  • ISBN: 976-95057-3-0
  • Price: TT$120.00 (SOLD OUT)
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