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Alongside high-quality Caribbean books and magazines, MEP produces a wide range of material for individual and corporate clients worldwide – brochures, annual reports, directories, company histories and more.

We offer our clients a complete publishing and production service: from concept to delivery, we can manage your entire project for you, or support in just one aspect of a multi-phase project. CONTACT US to see what MEP can do for you!

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September/October 2015 issue of Caribbean Beat (#135)

And as we head into the final months of 2015, the latest issue of Caribbean Beat (#135) is out, covering all things Caribbean for September and October! View the full…

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Caribbean Beat: July/August 2015 (issue 134)

And just like that, the first half of the year is over. But onward ever, backward never! Our bumper “summer” issue of Caribbean Beat (#134) is now out, all new…

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An all new issue of Caribbean Beat for May/June 2015 (issue 133)

Our latest issue of Caribbean Beat (#133) is now out, all new for May/June 2015! We have another stunning destination cover, this time a secluded cove on the coast of…

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Caribbean Beat issue #132, all for new March/April 2015

Our latest issue of Caribbean Beat (#132) is now out, all new for March/April 2015! On the cover is a stunning photo by Pete Oxford of the Potaro River plunging…

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Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Our 2015 edition of Discover Trinidad & Tobago was published late last year, and has been distributed to tourism and hospitality stakeholders across both islands. We can barely believe it’s…

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