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Discover Trinidad & Tobago

In 2016, with its 27th edition, Discover Trinidad & Tobago celebrated its 25th anniversary — the only local travel guide that has published year in, year out, for so long. The new 2018 edition is its 29th.

The dual-cover 2018 issue of Discover Trinidad & Tobago, with one cover for each island

Now the most sustainably produced local guide, over more than a quarter century, MEP has had the privilege of working with some of the finest national and international writers, photographers, editors, and designers.

Published every year since 1991, Discover Trinidad & Tobago is a travel guide aimed both at international visitors planning a trip to the islands — whether for an eco adventure, business trip, or beach holiday — and at local Trinidadians and Tobagonians looking to know and explore more about their native islands. Discover‘s experienced team comes from varied backgrounds and perspectives: some born and raised in Tobago or Trinidad, others who have come from across the globe and fallen in love with these islands and people.


Discover the islands

Discover can help anyone wishing to learn more about Trinidad and Tobago — whether out and about exploring and adventuring, or laying back and learning more about this rich twin-island nation. The magazine’s comprehensive coverage of Trinidad and Tobago — from arts and culture to eco adventures, accommodation to sports, planning flights and transportation and more — can help anyone plan anything from a day trip or weekend escape, to a full-on an adventure holiday or leisurely vacation. It might take a lifetime to truly experience all that the islands have to offer, but at least Discover can show you where to start.



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Click here to order your print copy of Discover (you pay only shipping!), or to download a digital copy to your desktop or mobile device via our Discover app! You can also read current and pass issues on MEP’s Yumpu, Magzter, and Issuu accounts.

Discover Trinidad & Tobago cover gallery (1991–present)

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