(A belated) introduction

Dear readers,

The Caribbean Beat blog has been up and running for some weeks now, on a sort of experimental basis, but so far we’ve been keeping a low profile while we figure out how a blog might fit into our editorial mix–how it might complement the main magazine. Today, we go live, as it were.

In Caribbean Beat, we try to do two main things: show the Caribbean as it really is, from the perspective of Caribbean people; and celebrate the best that the region is, our most brilliant achievers and proudest moments. Our blog is an extension of these aims into a new medium, one that allows a different kind of immediacy and interactivity.

We expect this blog will evolve as it goes along, but to start with, we plan to use it as a space for, you might say, thinking aloud–a space to share discoveries and observations, suggest leads we might follow in the magazine, comment on the stories we publish, and generally offer a more personal perspective than is usually possible in our printed pages. We’ll also point to things that might be interesting to readers of Caribbean Beat’s sister publications, The Caribbean Review of Books and Discover Trinidad and Tobago.

Our four main bloggers to start with are all members of Caribbean Beat’s editorial team: assistant editor Tracy Assing, music editor Georgia Popplewell, publisher Jeremy Taylor, and me, Nicholas Laughlin, Beat’s editor. In the coming days and weeks we’ll be introducing ourselves in more detail, and of course as time goes by our accumulated blog posts will add up to self-portraits of a kind.

And now that we’ve got this brief introduction out of the way–blog on!

(In September/October 2005, we published the 75th issue of Caribbean Beat. To mark the “anniversary”, we put together a special feature in which seven members of the editorial team talked about their favourite covers, and explained what these images said about the magazine. Read “Cover stories” here.)

Nicholas is the editor of Caribbean Beat and editor of The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB). He is also one of the administrators of the contemporary arts space Alice Yard and the Bocas Lit Fest (The Trinidad & Tobago Literary Festival). His reviews, essays, and poems have been published in various periodicals.