A visit to the Aripo Datta Ganga

I love celebrating my birthday and usually have a list of activities for a weeklong extravaganza! This year, when thinking of what I wanted to do on the actual day, a visit to the Aripo Datta Ganga came to mind. I had never been but had seen beautiful images of this Hindu spiritual site. Plus, a dip in the river at this scenic holy site would give me extra blessings on my special day.
The Datta Ganga is found along the Aripo River, which is located in Northeast Trinidad. The river flows through the lush vegetation of the Aripo Valley in the Northern Range and is a perfect backdrop for this serene spot. 
Parking along the roadside, you walk down a very long staircase and through a small compound to the riverside. There was no one there when we visited so we could not find any information or history of this beautiful place. Instead we just explored the river and had a swim, allowing the peacefulness of the area to resonate within us. 
Here are some photos from my visit.

All images are Copyright 2011 MEP Publishers/Ariann M Thompson

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