Ariann Thompson

Trinbagonian Christmas Treats

In Trinidad and Tobago there are certain elements that are essential to celebrating the Christmas season. In fact when polled, the average Trinbagonian will without a doubt retort, “what’s Christmas without….” Fill in the blank with any of the following answers and you would be correct: parang, soca parang, pointsettas, pastelles, sorrel, ponche-de-crème, ham with chow chow and black cake. Their place in the Christmas season is even celebrated in the popular songs at this time.

For all those Trinbagonians stuck out in the cold for Christmas, just the inclusion of one of these elements would make them feel warm and happy. When I lived in London, I decided to spend Christmas there instead of coming home and that is that a mistake I would never make again! I was so homesick that I attempted to make pastelles, even though I had never seen them made. Although they came out more like arepas, they were tasty and fun to make as I listened to parang tunes and got into the holiday spirit.

Wherever you are this holiday season I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of our Trinbagonian Christmas treats. Maybe these photos might even inspire you to try to make some on your own! Have a Happy Season!Keep readingTrinbagonian Christmas Treats