Bridget van Dongen

An Absolut Karnival surprise

This is what I love about living in Trinidad. Anything can happen! On Carnival Friday, I hear a disturbance outside the office. We have a preschool down the road and they were having their jump-up (always so cute seeing these tiny little beings jumping up and down to Carnival music – this time they were dressed as minions). I thought the disturbance was just that, but looked outside to see some very strangely dressed characters approaching our gate (with accompanying photographers).Keep readingAn Absolut Karnival surprise

Caribbean Fine Cocoa Conference & Chocolate Expo in Tobago

I LOVE chocolate, which is why I was very excited that Caribbean Beat was invited to the 3rd Regional Caribbean Fine Cocoa Conference & Chocolate Expo being held at the new Magdalena Grand in Tobago on 28–29 June.

This event brings together cocoa users, food specialists, cocoa farmers, potential investors and anyone passionate about chocolate (that would be me!). Attendees can also look forward to learning about the cocoa/chocolate industry across the region, from the Eastern Caribbean islands, to the Dominican Republic and on to Jamaica, Belize, Costa Rica, and of course Tobago.Keep readingCaribbean Fine Cocoa Conference & Chocolate Expo in Tobago