Denise Chin

Spending the day with Deepak

English: Deepak Chopra speaks to the Microsoft...

English: Deepak Chopra speaks to the Microsoft PAC on January 13, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I knew about this man, I followed him on Twitter and liked his page on Facebook; I invited him into my life when I decided to pay attention to my spiritual self and redirect my dharma. It was at a yoga class given by my amazing teacher Jacqueline Quesnel that I first got wind of the fact that he was going to be paying us a visit – here – in Trinidad. I wasn’t even aware that he had already been to our shores, but I knew that I had to be part of this audience.

Elder Associates Limited – a private service firm that offers specialised counselling and psychological services to both organisations and individuals – were celebrating their 20th anniversary. Founder and Executive Director Dr. Patricia Elder decided that bringing Dr. Chopra down would be the most fitting way to do this. In her words, she wanted to give the attendees a ‘wow’ experience – and to also help them realise their full potential as human beings. Makes perfect sense to me, and being given the chance to sit and listen to him speak was an opportunity that I would always be grateful for.Keep readingSpending the day with Deepak