Onika Henry

Sunday Afternoon at Belle Garden Village

Day Two of Fisherman Fest

I did not plan on attending the Fisherman Fest in Belle Garden this past weekend. I caught the flu and the sore throat and aches were bad. On top of that, Saturday was rainy, so that inspired an all day bed rest.

Sunday, though, was a different story: a friend I hadn’t seen in a while invited me to come up and spend the afternoon at the Belle Garden Bay, where the activities would be taking place. The day was beautiful, and I thought it would be nice to reconnect with a friend and get the latest village gossip. Besides, I looked forward to the cool, clean country air, so I swallowed the pain killers and decongestant, put extras in a backpack and heading for Belle Garden.

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Tourism Intelligence International

I recently attended the Tobago Hotel & Tourism Association’s annual trade show at the Lowlands Mall, and met representatives of a rare breed of consultants (rare at least in our parts as far as a I know).

This company considers themselves “a leading consultant in the field of ‘New Tourism’”. It is a travel and tourism consultancy, serving government and the private sector around the world. The company considers ‘New Tourism’ as one that is sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible and mutually beneficial to visitors and host countries.

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THTI’s Top O’ the Mill Restaurant & Bar

The Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute has been stepping up its programme and activities to meet the current demand for top quality employees in the hotel and tourism industry.

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