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A Naturalist’s Notes: the Biological Diversity of Trinidad & Tobago (Julian Kenny)

A Naturalist's Notes by Julian Kenny

“More people must understand the natural heritage,” said Professor Julian Kenny.

Written for students at sixth form and undergraduate levels, and for “the interested adult reader who might want to get a general feel for the subject”, this is a systematic introduction to the rich diversity of Trinidad and Tobago’s natural history, illustrated with maps and the author’s own field photography.

To manage a country’s natural heritage effectively, the author argues, its organisms and ecosystems must be understood. Chronicling its degradation is not enough.


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About A Naturalist’s Notes


About Julian Kenny

Julian Kenny spent a lifetime exploring and document the natural history of Trinidad and Tobago, from mountain top to sea bed. For many years professor of zoology at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, he has also served as an independent senator in the upper house of the country’s parliament. His books include: Native Orchids of the Eastern Caribbean; Views from the Bridge (on freshwater fish); Views from the Ridge (exploration in natural history); Flowers of Trinidad and Tobago; and Orchids of Trinidad and Tobago. He passed away in August, 2011.

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