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Breaking Free: a Journey from Trauma to Empowerment

Cover of Breaking Free: A Journey from Trauma to Empowerment, by Angela Laquis-SobrianAs a Syrian/Lebanese girl, born in Trinidad and Tobago, to immigrant parents, Angela Laquis-Sobrian recounts her struggles of a harrowing childhood, blighted by the impact of alcoholism and domestic abuse within a patriarchal household. Voiceless and powerless, she attempts to reclaim her self-worth, find her voice and identity as a woman, within a culture that imposed a narrow and unforgiving definition of female worth, at that time.

When her journey opens doors to her past, Angela explores what it’s like to grieve, how to rebuild from the traumatic events that shaped unhealthy beliefs about herself, and discovers that the only way out is in.

If you’ve ever felt you’re living in a box of someone else’s making, if you’ve ever said yes when your heart screamed no, if you’ve wondered why you can’t seem to break free from self-limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt, Breaking Free explores ways to make peace with the past, shed facades and the inner critic, and change your narrative towards self-empowerment.

About Breaking Free

  • Author: Angela Laquis-Sobrian
  • Credits: Caroline Taylor and Jeremy Taylor (editors)
  • Cover design: James Hackett
  • Publisher: Prospect Press (2022) for Angela Laquis-Sobrian
  • Genre: Memoirs
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 157
  • ISBN: 978-976-9508-29-3
  • Price: TT$190. Available from the author and at Paper Based bookshop in Port of Spain, Trinidad.