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Flowers of Trinidad & Tobago (Julian Kenny)

Flowers of Trinidad & Tobago by Julian KennyFlowers of Trinidad and Tobago explores the unusually diverse flora of this unique Caribbean country through over 100 stunning colour photographs from the author’s personal collection. This high-quality hardback publication is a celebration of form, colour and fragance of the tropical flowers of Trinidad & Tobago. They are flowers that are rare, familiar, unique or simply beautiful, with clear descriptions and author observations. Nine accompanying chapters examine the various habitats in which different species thrive, and describe how beauty and biology work to the same purpose.

About Flowers

  • Author: Julian Kenny
  • Credits: Foreword by Professor E. Julian Duncan, Emeritus Professor of Plant Science, University of the West Indies, and edited by Nicholas Laughlin
  • Publisher: Prospect Press (2006)
  • Genre: Natural History
  • Format: Hardback (Coffee Table)
  • Pages: 127
  • ISBN: 976-95057-8-1
  • Price: TT$350.00 (SOLD OUT). Coming soon to Amazon’s Kindle Store. $1 of all sales goes to the Guardian Wildlife Fund.


Anyone picking up this book in bookstores must appreciate the full colour photographs of flowers most of us take for granted… However, there is much more to this coffee table book than pretty pictures. There is a wealth of information for those who would know more about the flowers that bloom in sun or in shade (or both), flowers that grow beside rivers and streams, flowers that grow on cliffs, on our savannahs and on the wetlands – and those that grow by the wayside… Whether you want to know about the sex life of flowers (in fact they are all about sex and reproduction) or where to find our flowering wild plants or want a short, enjoyable course in botany, with particular reference, as the late Dr Eric Williams was so fond of saying, to flowers, you’ll find everything you want to know – and more – in this beautifully produced and bound book, Flowers of Trinidad and Tobago by Julian Kenny now available in all good bookstores throughout the nation.

Anne Hilton, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday (November 2006)

About Julian Kenny

Author Julian Kenny was a professional zoologist and one of the Caribbean’s best known natural scientists. He was a professor of zoology at the Trinidad campus of the University of the West Indies, and an independent senator in the parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. His nature photography constitutes one of the most important collections in the Caribbean. He has written extensively about the natural history of Trinidad and Tobago, for both academic and popular audiences. His books include Native Orchids of the Eastern Caribbean; Views from the Bridge (on freshwater fish); Views from the Ridge (exploration in natural history); Orchids of Trinidad and Tobago; and A Naturalist’s Notes: the Biological Diversity of Trinidad & Tobago. He passed away in August, 2011.


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