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Wetlands of Trinidad & Tobago (Rahanna Alicia Juman, Institute of Marine Affairs)

The Institute for Marine Affairs' Wetlands of Trinidad & Tobago“Wetlands are thought of as wastelands which would be more useful if they were filled in and used for building. Changing that image is a difficult task…”

“Wetlands are now understood to be vital ecosystems providing real services that contribute to human well-being.”

Wetlands of Trinidad and Tobago

This photographic exploration of Trinidadian wetlands aims to explain the real value of wetlands to the national community of Trinidad and Tobago. It explores the neglected and often abused world of coral reefs, sea-grass beds, marshes, swamp forests and mangroves. Examined are the ways in which human activity damages wetlands, the legislation that is supposed to protect them, and the way they need to be managed if they are to function as they should.

Featuring numerous high-resolution color photos of plant and animal life throughout, it it includes the following sections: “What Is a Wetland”, “Emergent Wetlands”, “Key Emergent Wetlands of Trinidad and Tobago”, “Submerged Wetlands”, “Coral Reefs”, “Threats to the Wetlands” and “Policy, Management and the Law”.


…interesting, beautifully illustrated book… Coming from the Institute of Marine Affairs this is, of necessity a scientific study, but it is written for the layperson to spread the knowledge of and appreciation for the role of the wetlands of TT. You can’t say you know your country if you don’t have at least a nodding acquaintance with the wetlands of TT, this book will help you appreciate the treasures we have in our mangroves and rice fields, on the lonely Aripo Savannahs and the coral reefs of Tobago.

Anne Hilton, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday (March 2010)

About Wetlands of Trinidad & Tobago

  • Author: Rahanna Alicia Juman
  • Publisher: Prospect Press (2010)
  • Genre: Natural History
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 91
  • ISBN-10: 9769508268
  • ISBN-13: 9789769508262
  • ASIN: B003M6IMNG
  • Price/purchasing: Click here for purchasing information (from the Institute of Marine Affairs)

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