Camping in Trinidad

Three days surrounded by nature with the ocean as your backyard sounds like paradise and over the Easter weekend that’s exactly where I was, enjoying life on the southeastern coast of Trinidad…in a tent. Some people could not believe I would willingly opt to go camping especially as there are quite a few resorts and villas I could have gone to, but I think you should try camping at least once before you knock it.

Every year one of my best friends and many of her family-friends go camping in Guayaguayare for Easter, and this year was no exception. The camp site is on private property and is not visible from the road, something that provides some safety – an important consideration when camping nowadays.

Twelve tents were pitched on a grassy area among tall coconut trees and the little village that was created housed people of all ages. There was a communal liming area which consisted of chairs and tables under a gazebo tent; a kitchen area with gas burners and tables for preparing food; a batch of coolers that housed all the items that needed to be cold; a shower tent where you could choose to bathe with a bucket in privacy or use a hose with a shower head attachment.

Throughout the camp there were lights powered by a generator and on one side of the tents there were three portable toilets. Most of the campers slept comfortably on air mattresses in their tents but I roughed it and slept in a sleeping bag. It was so peaceful lying in the tent at night with the wind whipping the trees around me, listening to the sound of the waves as I drifted to sleep.

The food at camp was great. The menu included: stewed peas, crab, macaroni salad, callalloo, steak and a variety of cakes for dessert. One day we even had an entire curry meal consisting of chicken, potato-channa mix, pumpkin and rice! I also brought some vegetarian items that I was able to prepare quite easily in the kitchen.

During the day people swam, spent time at the beach, explored the surrounding area, or hung around camp chatting, playing games, reading or simply dozing under a tree. At night, we all hung out in the main area laughing, reading and playing games. I didn’t even see a frog, a great concern of mine when I thought about this camping trip. And with a swish of spray at night, mosquitoes and sand flies were kept at bay.

On Sunday we hid Easter eggs throughout the camp. The younger children ran around hunting for the chocolate treats and then sat enjoying their finds along with the bag of goodies they were given.

Camping is a lot fun and it is a great activity to do with your friends and family. You get a chance to escape the regular hustle and bustle and without the interruption of the TV, computers and other technological distractions, you end up spending a lot of quality time with your loved ones.

My home for the weekend and a view from within

Entrance to the beach

My back yard for the weekend, Guayaguayare Bay

Some of the campers enjoying a game of cricket

Guayaguayare Bay

Beautiful shore lines

Beach treasures including a feisty crab


Ariann Thompson

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  1. Wow – I haven't heard "Guayaguayare" since I was a boy and I had to look it up on google to see where it was in Mayaro. Camping in those nice tents sure beats the lean-to's I had to fight up with back in scouts (that was roughing it!). Those nice pictures make me want to try this whole camping thing out again…

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