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Caribbean Beat magazine marks its 25th anniversary

In early 1992, passengers boarding planes across the Caribbean found something new in their seat-pockets: a magazine by the name of Caribbean Beat, then making its debut. A quarter-century later, Caribbean Beat has built a reputation for its vivid writing and vibrant photography exploring the Caribbean as it really is, rich in complexities and contradictions, and celebrating the best and most brilliant of our people and our culture.

To mark this anniversary milestone — and with commentary from editor Nicholas Laughlin, founding editor Jeremy Taylor, former editor Judy Raymond, as well as contributors including Mark Lyndersay, Debbie Jacob, and Laura Dowrich-Phillips — the March/April 2017 issue (#144) looks back at the past twenty-five years by revisiting some of the magazine’s most memorable cover subjects and their stories.

From Martiniquan filmmaker Euzhan Palcy — who appeared on Caribbean Beat’s first cover in 1992, and again this month — to musical stars Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, and Rihanna, from athletes Ato Boldon and Usain Bolt to author Oonya Kempadoo, the faces on the magazine’s 144 covers to date form a gallery of Caribbean icons of a whole generation.

Elsewhere in this issue, Caribbean Beat visits the remote and rugged Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana, following the route of the annual 4×4 “safari” tour. The regular “Neighbourhood” column visits Port Elizabeth, capital of tranquil Bequia in the Grenadines. And the “Layover” column offers tips for making the most of a quick stop in Barbados — from a boardwalk expedition to a rum distillery tour..

Other highlights of the new Caribbean Beat include a visit to downtown Kingston, Jamaica, where an innovative public mural project has created opportunities for the local community; a look back at the life and career of Harry Belafonte, who turns ninety this month; an eco “progress report” on the past two decades’ efforts to protect the Caribbean natural environment; and a glimpse into Trinidad and Tobago’s annual national poetry slam, a showcase for a new generation of literary and performing talent.

Anniversary throwback

Last year, a Trinidad Guardian article turned the spotlight on Caribbean Beat’s 24th anniversary, including thoughts from Nicholas Laughlin; Jeremy Taylor; and Caribbean Airlines’ Head of Corporate Communications Dionne Ligoure. Read more here, or see the article via the screenshots here.

An interview with Jeremy Taylor

When MEP turned 20 a few years ago, founding editor and Caribbean Beat publisher Jeremy Taylor shared his experience working on landmark pieces in and issues of Beat, and defying the odds by founding a publishing company which has now been running for 26 years.

The people behind the Beat

Jeremy Taylor, founding editor, consulting editor, publisher, 1992–present • Joanne Mendes, sales and admin, 1992–present • Russell Halfhide, designer, 1992–2007 • Geraldine Flower, sales, 1992–2011 • Simone Aché, sales, 1994–1998 • Reneé West, sales, 1994–1999 • Brendan de Caires, assistant editor, 1994–1998 • Kevon Webster, design and layout, 1995–present • Skye Hernandez, assistant editor and managing editor, 1997–2000 • Beverly Renwick, sales, 1997–2000 • Hazel Mansing, admin, 1998–present • Donna Benny, managing editor, 2000–2003 • Brigitte Bento-Espinet, assistant editor, 2000 • Stacy Lalbeharry, editorial assistant, 2000–2005 • Helen Shair-Singh, sales, 2000–2012 • Denise Chin, sales, 2001–2013, 2015–present • Tracy-Ann Gill, editorial assistant, 2001–2003 • Dylan Kerrigan, staff writer, 2002–2005 • Nicholas Laughlin, editor, 2003–2006, 2012–present • Tracy Assing, assistant editor, 2005–2008 • Sabrina Vailloo, editorial assistant, 2005–2007 • Laura Dowrich-Phillips, assistant editor, 2006–2009 • Mirissa De Four, editorial assistant, 2006–2011 • Caroline Taylor, online editor, 2006–present • Judy Raymond, editor, 2007–2012 • Jacqueline Smith, production, 2008–present • Aisha Provoteaux, design and layout, 2009–2010 • Samantha Rochard, sales, 2009 • Halcyon Salazar, general manager, 2011–present • Bridget van Dongen, design and layout, 2011–present • Marissa Rodriguez, editorial assistant, 2012–2014 • Yuri Chin Choy, sales, 2012–present • Desiree Seebaran, assistant editor, 2013 • Karen Washington, sales, 2013–2015 • Cindy Lavia, editorial intern, 2014–2016 • Shelly-Ann Inniss, intern then editorial assistant, 2014–present


The latest issue of Caribbean Beat is now on Caribbean Airlines planes (your take-home copy is free!); in the hands of our subscribers the world over; and on our website. You can also buy a digital edition or a digital subscription to read and save issues of Beat on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and favourite digital devices! And of course, if you haven’t already, make sure you’re connected to us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest Caribbean buzz.


Martiniquan filmmaker Euzhan Palcy, 25 years after she appeared on the cover of the first Caribbean Beat. Photo © Yannick Coupannec/Leemage
Martiniquan filmmaker Euzhan Palcy, 25 years after she appeared on the cover of the first Caribbean Beat. Photo © Yannick Coupannec/Leemage

Caroline Taylor

Caroline is an editor and staff writer at MEP. She is also on MEP’s board of directors, and moonlights as an actor, singer, and director. She’s passionate about telling stories – on the page, on the stage, on screen – and in particular about documenting Caribbean lives and events. She’s currently trying to master unplugging from her iLife… For more: Author posts

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