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Dancehall Grammy?

Over forty albums have been submitted to the Grammy Awards’ reggae committee this year, reports the Jamaica Gleaner today, including, to everyone’s surprise, Throw Down Your Arms by Sinead O’Connor. The story quotes Roger Steffens, chairman of the committee, suggesting that it may be time to introduce a new Grammy category:

"This year's submissions are quite impressive in quality and quantity, and are especially diverse, with entries of roots, rock, dancehall, pop, and more dancehall," commented Steffens.

The chairman of the board slated to select the 2006 'Best Reggae Album', added, however, that the board has expressed concerns of the group being too diverse, and is seeking to have the genres split into two separate categories. These categories would be 'Best Reggae Album', and 'Best Dancehall Album'.

(Roger Steffens was a member of the expert panel which helped Caribbean Beat compile the 250 great Caribbean songs profiled in our special feature “Endless Vibrations”, published in our September/October 2004 issue.)


Nicholas Laughlin

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