Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2016: the 25th anniversary edition

25 years of Discover(ing) Trinidad & Tobago

Our extra special, dual-cover, 25th anniversary edition of Discover Trinidad & Tobago was published late last year, and has been distributed to tourism and hospitality stakeholders and visitors locally, internationally — and digitally! Our fresh 2016 content is on the Discover T&T website as stand-alone articles accompanied by stunning photos and photo galleries, while the current issue and several past issues are available for digital download to your desktop or to your favourite mobile device. You can just search for Discover Trinidad & Tobago in your device’s app store to download our app! Make sure too to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date!

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Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2016: one book, two covers — one for Trinidad, and one for Tobago.

Discover the islands

Published every year since 1991, Discover Trinidad & Tobago is the only local travel guide that has published year in, year out, for so long. Our 2016 edition is our 27th, and since we began producing the magazine we’ve become the most sustainably produced local guide, and worked with some of the finest national and international writers, photographers, editors, and designers.

Aimed both at international visitors planning a trip to the islands, and at locals looking to know and explore more about their native islands, Discover can help anyone wishing to learn about what makes these islands so special. It might take a lifetime to truly experience all that the islands have to offer, but at least we can show you where to start!

Looking back, with thanks

Over our 27 editions, our writers (whose work is published in our magazines and on this site, and are listed here alphabetically), editors and researchers have included: Gabrielle Ache, Simone Ache, Lisa Allen-Agostini, Jason Arthur, Tracy Assing, Bridget Bento-Espinet, Eaulin Blondel, Kristi-Anne Chin, Brendan de Caires, Joey Clarke, Patti Clarke, Laura Dowrich-Phillips, Austin Fido, Pat Ganase, Tracey-Anne Gill, Onika Henry, Skye Hernandez, Manghanita Kempadoo, Dylan Kerrigan, Anu Lakhan, Stacy Lalbeharry, Nicholas Laughlin, Kwame Lawrence, Simon Lee, Anna Lucie-Smith, Mark Meredith, Nazma Muller (2015 print editor), Jason Nathu, Simon Parkinson, Akilah Phillip, Georgia Popplewell, Gerard Ramsawak, Judy Raymond, Shivanee Ramlochan, Christine Schofield, Sonja Sinaswee, Caroline Taylor (online editor), Jeremy Taylor (founding editor), Ariann Thompson, Sabrina Vailloo, Anna Walcott Hardy, Renée West, Guyanne Wilson, and Donna Yawching. All our photographers are credited on each photo in our photo galleries. We remember our faithful proofreader and researcher Esla Morris and talented designer Illya Furlong-Walker, both of whom have passed on since we began publishing.

Here’s to the next 25!


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