Discover your islands this weekend, T&T!

It’s hump day. Half the week done…but half the week to go. We know. But with this fantastic weather outside (in Port of Spain at least) where our entire staff would rather break biche and go to Maracas, maybe planning a new adventure for the weekend will help get you over the hump?

Dip in to Discover Trinidad & Tobago for countless ideas – from spa retreats to eco adventures and everything in between. You can already view countless articles from previous issues of Discover T&T on our website. And now you can also view, download and embed our current 2010 issue of Discover for free wherever you are!

And of course, if you’d like a print copy to put in your car for when you’re out exploring, or to leave on your coffee table just to read up about T&T, or have just about anywhere you are since it’s small and portable enough to be with you on the go, you can always stop by our offices or order your copy online!

Sold yet? 😉 Happy exploring!


Caroline is an editor and staff writer at MEP. She is also on MEP’s board of directors, and moonlights as an actor, singer, and director. She’s passionate about telling stories – on the page, on the stage, on screen – and in particular about documenting Caribbean lives and events. She’s currently trying to master unplugging from her iLife… For more: