Your favourite Caribbean Beat and Discover Trinidad & Tobago for 2014

It’s been a busy web year for us at MEP, launching two new websites for our two biggest publications, Caribbean Beat and Discover Trinidad & Tobago. The former is particularly challenging as we migrate content from old versions of our website (circa the late 1990s) and try to continue digitising our 125-strong archive of issues. So bear with us as we continue to push the boulder up the mountain! 🙂

Nevertheless, we continue to receive high traffic from those who love and want to explore Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean. And it’s always fascinating to see the things that draw the greatest numbers of visitors – sometimes they’re ones we expect, and sometimes they’re a complete surprise!

Here are the top articles on each site for 2013!

Caribbean Beat Magazine Website 2013

Caribbean Beat’s Top 20

  1. From island to end zone: Caribbean athletes in the NFL by Debbie Jacob (Issue #124) – this actually was the article which crashed our site briefly after Pierre Garcon and the Washington Redskins tweeted and blogged the story…! 😉
  2. Wendy Fitzwilliam: between a mother and a son by Laura Dowrich-Phillips (Issue #100)
  3. The people before Columbus by Kim Johnson (Issue #3)
  4. Top 10 things to do in Grenada by David Katz (Issue #92)
  5. The Caribbean’s best surfing by Marlon Miller (Issue #6)
  6. 40 things to do in Trinidad & Tobago by Phillip Sander (Issue #82)
  7. Masman Peter Minshall (Issue #79)
  8. Telling tales: Caribbean storytelling by Ken Corsbie (Issue #10)
  9. Tobago’s hidden history by Donna Yawching (Issue #113)
  10. The world of Rastafari (Issue #31)
  11. Caribbean Christmas by Skye Hernandez (Issue #22)
  12. Martin Carter: poems man by Bruce Paddington (Issue #13)
  13. Beryl McBurnie: first lady of dance by Judy Raymond (Issue #20)
  14. Derek Walcott’s Nobel works by Jeremy Taylor & various contributors (Issue #5)
  15. Michael de Souza: the man behind Rastamouse by Zahra Gordon (Issue #114)
  16. Wayne Berekeley: Trinidad’s King Carnival by Debbie Jacob (Issue #2)
  17. Remembering Miss Lou by Mervyn Morris (Issue #82)
  18. Bittersweet: remembering Mott Green by Franka Phillip (Issue #123)
  19. Take 10: the greatest reggae singers of all time by Garry Steckles (Issue #120)
  20. Heather Headley: a star with her feet on the ground by Caroline Taylor (Issue #115)

 Discover Trinidad & Tobago Website 2013

Discover Trinidad & Tobago Top 10

  1. Trinidad’s Best Beaches
  2. Trinidad Maps
  3. The Birth & Evolution of Trinidad Carnival
  4. Top 10 Things to Do & See in Trinidad
  5. Top 10 Things to See & Do in Tobago
  6. Tobago Maps
  7. Trinidad’s Nightlife & Entertainment Scene
  8. Trinidad & Tobago Festival & Events Calendar
  9. T&T History & Society
  10. Tobago’s Best Beaches

Caroline Taylor

Caroline is an editor and staff writer at MEP. She is also on MEP’s board of directors, and moonlights as an actor, singer, and director. She’s passionate about telling stories – on the page, on the stage, on screen – and in particular about documenting Caribbean lives and events. She’s currently trying to master unplugging from her iLife… For more: Author posts

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