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Fun at the Belle Garden Fisherman’s Fest

This weekend in Tobago promises to be filled with lots of food and fun as the Belle Garden Fishermen Association hosts the village’s Fisherman Fest.

The event is only a few years old, so there are still a few people who haven’t heard of it. Members of the village council, the fishermen’s association and residents boast that this is one of the best fisherman fests in Tobago, with Castara’s Fisherman’s Fest being the only other one to rival Belle Garden’s popularity.

Essentially, this is a sports and family day event, which runs for the entire weekend, starting on Saturday October 11 at 9:00am and finishing on Sunday October 12 (till it done!). The days’ events include races (including cycling); fishing boat races (from the Bay in Belle Garden to Scarborough and back); music by popular DJs; great food and more.

There’s no cost to attend, so take the family with you and enjoy!


Onika Henry

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