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Hummingbird and bush tea

The morning light peeping through the mountains woke us, the dew on the grass energising as we walked to the 'reever' (according to Dominicans) through banana trees. A hummingbird with bright fuchsia breast and iridescent green and blue feathers literally hung buzzing in front of my face until I asked it to step aside and allow me safe passage. Unreal. A cold but scintillating bath got us ready to begin the lighting of wood fires (yep! I got it going alright with massive fanning I might add!) for our bush tea picked personally--ginger, basil and broadleaf thyme sugared with freshly-squeezed cane juice

In today’s Jamaica Gleaner, food writer Rosemary Parkinson describes a stay at the Gingerette Nature Sanctuary in Dominica, a low-frills, high-thrills agri-tourism project that hosts visitors in the mountains near the Layou River.


Nicholas Laughlin

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