"I approach every canvas with a pompous piety"

The Swimmer, 1993

Derek Walcott’s watercolours are well known to his readers–they often decorate the dust jackets of his books. The first New York show of his paintings runs from Friday 18 November to Friday 30 December, at the June Kelly Gallery (591 Broadway, SoHo).

How does Walcott translate his words to paintings? He once wrote: "I approach every canvas with a pompous piety, faithful to the lines of the drawing, a devotion transferred from a different servitude, to lines of poetry proceeding by a systematic scansion, brushstroke and word."

(Read two reviews of Walcott’s most recent book, The Prodigal: Edward Baugh’s, from the February 2005 issue of The Caribbean Review of Books; and Nicholas Laughlin’s, from the March/April 2005 issue of Caribbean Beat.)

Nicholas is the editor of Caribbean Beat and editor of The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB). He is also one of the administrators of the contemporary arts space Alice Yard and the Bocas Lit Fest (The Trinidad & Tobago Literary Festival). His reviews, essays, and poems have been published in various periodicals.