Introducing the newly renovated Macqueripe Bay, Trinidad #traveltuesday

A scenic drive off the main road in Chaguaramas will lead you straight to Macqueripe Bay.
Recently renovated, the premises boast beautiful landscaping, which includes colourful plants and a water feature, both of which will be more impressive once this harsh dry season ends. There is a large parking lot and changing room facilities available. On the day I visited, there were no food vendors and while it might have been because it was a weekday, I would probably still opt to bring along refreshments the next time I visit.

Two areas of benches and tables are laid out for relaxing and hanging out before you get down to the actual beach. By adding a curved walkway after the first set of stairs, the walk to the beach is not as steep as before, and a group of elderly people enjoying themselves on the beach proved that the path is manageable.

Another feature of the renovation was the increased width of sand on the beach. While there is a lifeguard hut on the beach, when I visited no lifeguard was present. Hopefully that is rectified soon as this beach’s main attraction is its calm and clear water, which is great for swimming.

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  1. Glad to hear they finished the renovations. Macqueripe was already starting to look better when I visited in January.

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