La Fillette Beach

La Fillette is a fishing village found along the North Coast of Trinidad. Located between Las Cuevas and Blanchisseuse, the village is well traversed as people pass through it on the way to more popular Trinidad beaches
Like most bays in the area, the ones found in La Fillette are tucked away and cannot be seen from the main road. I have seen the larger beach many times from above but have never walked down the winding steps onto the sand. 
Staying in the village one weekend I got the chance to go down for a swim and was pleasantly surprised. The main stretch of sand isn’t very long but was wide enough for the families that day to set up their mats and chairs. We walked past this section to a small area between large rocks. The water here was crystal clear and although it was difficult to find a sandy path through the rocks at the shores edge it was worth it! The water was warm and calm enough for me to walk out far into the ocean with my camera in hand. People were snorkeling nearby, marveling at the marine life, which included two stingrays. 
After an enjoyable swim, we sunned and air-dried on rocks, as this part of the beach did not have a lot of sand. Just before we left we even got a glimpse of a colourful eel, lazing under some rocks next to us. This beach was definitely an interesting discovery. Please note there are no facilities or lifeguards.
Here are a few images from my visit.

A view of the beach from the stairs

The rocky section of the beach

The calm water made it easy to get photos from a different vantage point

Crystal clear water

A small wave rolls by

On the other side of the rock, a man snorkels

Families enjoy the afternoon at the beach

The sun sets over the bay

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