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CONTACT Business Magazine

Produced for the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce (TTCIC)

When the refreshed CONTACT was unveiled at the Chamber’s 2018 AGM to phenomenal feedback, our team had produced a new logo; a new layout and design; and a completely revamped and refreshed editorial approach for the TTCIC’s flagship magazine. The editions we produced can be read here. NB: The magazine went on hiatus as the pandemic began, returning as a digital-only publication produced in-house by the TTCIC.

A new partnership between the TTCIC and MEP Publishers

For 30 years, MEP has published the internationally and regionally distributed iconic magazine brands Caribbean Beat and Discover T&T. In 2018, MEP embraced a new partnership with The Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce to publish their iconic CONTACT magazine.

It was a partnership between two experienced, proven, and committed entities, each having specialised acumen, earnestly working to foster economic and social growth. Our intent was not only to inform, but also to equip and enable our readers to make relevant, timely, and intelligent decisions, as the T&T business community navigates through the challenges ahead.

As the editorial team engineered insightful articles to inform readers and promote local business, we anticipated the participation of entrepreneurs and corporate executives to share their services, products, and presence within the pages of CONTACT.

This newly formed collaboration aimed to continue to expand on the magazine’s powerful, diverse network and broaden its distribution base of 5,000+ key corporate decision-makers — by extension, strategically communicating with the invaluable consumer market. We intended to reach out and seek new readers within T&T, the Caribbean, and international communities. The global landscape is a click away, and it’s imperative that all concerned heighten their marketing exposure collectively, showcasing their diverse offerings in a comprehensive and one-stop convenient print platform.

About CONTACT magazine

In publication since 2000, the magazine established itself as staple reading for the national business community and as well as for overseas investors and other stakeholders beyond our shores. CONTACT aims to provide a forum to inform about current business issues nationally, regionally and internationally. The magazine has specialised thematic content, written and researched by respected business leaders and writers, and has historically been circulated to key executives and leaders in the business community, government ministries, diplomatic missions, tertiary educational institutions, libraries and business development institutions locally, regionally and internationally.