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Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide (TTBG)

How Is TTBG Different?

The TTBG from MEP fills an important niche as the international businessman’s invaluable reference manual on doing business in and with Trinidad and Tobago.

Published with a 25,000 annual print run, TTBG puts all the necessary information about doing business in Trinidad and Tobago into the hands of the people who matter. It is the definitive guide, covering all the major sectors of the economy: its history, challenges, development and growth, and future forecasts. It also supplies vital and up-to-date information on currency, business etiquette, political structure, transparency, available technology, and more.

The Business Guide is the most comprehensive and authoritative business and investment guide, written by specialists in each business sector. Its coverage is focused, factual, unbiased, and reader friendly. Its editorial content, coverage, and design are second to none for the following reasons:

 TTBG provides a complete and comprehensive overview of each business sector in Trinidad & Tobago, where other guides only focus on a few
  All of our editorial content is completely unbiased and adheres to the strictest ethical standards. There are no ‘advertorial’ articles, no angles, and no hidden agendas
  All articles are written by specialists from within each business sector, accompanied by coverage from respected journalists who specialise in the particular fields
  TTBG is a free one-stop source – both in print and online – for complete, accurate and unbiased information on every aspect of business and business practice in Trinidad and Tobago.


While information about Trinidad and Tobago as a business centre can be sourced in many places, until TTBG, the country has lacked a single, factual, comprehensive publication gathering all the most important information in one place. The Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide covers the entire national economy logically and methodically in a series of specialist chapters. Each sector features an overview and Who’s Who list, and examined in terms of its history, growth, challenges, current status, on-going business and projections for the future:

  Overview & Factfile
  Information technology
  Ports & Industrial Estates
  Real Estate
  Banking & Finance
  The Environment.

You can download the last two editions of TTBG below.

NB: You will need a PDF viewer, like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, to open the document.

Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide 2009-10 (PDF: 5.9 MB)

Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide 2008-09 (PDF: 6.7 MB)


Trinidad and Tobago is open for business, says the Ministry of Trade & Industry, and all are welcome. Anyone interested in doing business in T&T is part of our readership: foreign business owners, investors (actual & potential), expatriates who need to understand the business environment, multinational companies, foreign manufacturers, Heads of Foreign Missions, Embassies and High Commissions.

TTBG is distributed free to a focused audience of those in a position to do business with Trinidad and Tobago, and whose interest could be strengthened by a well-presented package of hard, comprehensive information, in print and online.


The Trinidad and Tobago Business Guide (TTBG) was published from 2007 to 2009, and is currently on hiatus. For more information, or to register your interest, you can download our media kit, or contact:

Halcyon Salazar
General Manager
MEP (Media & Editorial Projects Ltd)
6 Prospect Avenue
Long Circular
Maraval 120111
Trinidad & Tobago
T: (868) 622-3821 / 5813 / 6138 | F: (868) 628-0639

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