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MEP partners with Piranha for full-scale recycling programme

Recycling InfographicWe’re fairly tree-huggy at MEP. Over the last few years, we’ve slowly moved closer and closer to being as green a publishing company as one can be in Trinidad and Tobago. We donate as many working electronic items as we can to schools and nonprofits. We’ve recycled paper for several years with ACE Recycling (and used “draft” mode and printed on both sides as much as possible). We try to keep run the airconditioning as tepidly as possible. We’ve switched to using printing partners for our books and magazines that use more sustainable materials (paper, ink, machinery) and processes (literally saving millions of pages of paper each year).


Piranha: recycling beacon

And now, through a partnership with Piranha International – the only company in Trinidad, as far as I know, that handles virtually every form of recyclable and e-waste – we can now extend that to recycling glass, plastics, aluminium, e-waste and more.

Piranha is a company that people probably have read about in the newspapers, as they’ve formed several partnerships with other local businesses – Plastikeep, Guardian Holdings, the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, Brian MacFarlane, the Tourism Development Company, and others.

So, with Piranha, we’re delighted to finally have created a system for preventing our various waste products from ending up in a landfill. It also saves our staff members from having to take their recyclables to numerous different places in trying to be ecologically responsible. Even for someone who gets as excited by recycling as I do, the ritual was becoming a bit tiresome.


More on recycling

There isn’t a tremendous amount of information about recycling in Trinidad. But probably the best resource for it is Green T&T, which can give you lots of information about how you can recycle, who collects, who operates bins, and a wealth of other tips about greening your lifestyle and beginning your own recycling programme at your home and/or office.

And since infographics are all the rage, here are also a few graphics with more info about why folks like me get almost ridiculously excited about conservation.


Recycling by the numbers

Courtesy Expedient InfoMedia



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