Mt St George In Focus

With the election of a new Village Council President and new executive members, the village of Mt. St. George in Tobago is experiencing a renewed sense of dynamism and energy. While it was not able to participate in the Heritage Festival this year, this did not deter the villagers from showcasing its special gifts and talents. During the period of August 23–29, the village produced an event and a magazine which took a socio-historic look at the village. With the theme “Connecting and Identifying” this ‘week of focus’ included seminars, lectures, fun and games, awards ceremony, culinary arts display, visits to historic sites and a cultural evening.

According to the village council, the event was a means to achieve or stimulate many objectives including fostering greater cooperation and unity in the area, connecting to the past to understand the present and shape the future, document the historic and give voice to youth.

Georgia, as it is also known, is a historic location and was in fact the first official chief town/capital of Tobago. Among the many things the event would highlight, are: the Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute, the Hillsborough Dam, the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, the historic Sugar Factory operation, and Fort Granby. Georgians are also very proud to claim that the first Tobagonian to win Miss Trinidad & Tobago and to represent the country in the Miss World Competition came from the village. Other noteworthy personalities from the area include Cynthia Alfred, first woman to be Deputy Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, and the first Tobagonian to be Vice President of the Senate of Trinidad and Tobago.

The week ended with a grand cultural show at the community centre and the village council promises that this will be an annual event.


Onika Henry

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