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Phillips now a Yale man

St Kitts-born writer Caryl Phillips, who taught for eight years at Barnard College in New York, has joined the English faculty at Yale. He recently gave a reading there from his new novel, Dancing in the Dark, according to the Yale Daily News:

During the reading, Phillips delivered passages from his book that narrates the life of Bert Williams, the first black entertainer in the United States to achieve great levels of renown and success through his controversial performances, which caricatured African Americans in a manner that some said was degrading....

The department hired Phillips because of his approach to literature as a fusion of cultural studies and fiction writing as well as his talent as a prolific writer, English Department Chair Landon Hammer said.

"We have an exceptional writing faculty, but we wanted someone who could help act as a bridge between the writing program and the rest of the curriculum," Hammer said. "Phillips is distinguished in being an exceptional man of letters, writing in all genres, and holding an international audience. He is both someone who will teach subjects such as post-colonial literature and have his works appear on that class's syllabus."


Nicholas Laughlin

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