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Soca Warriors gearing up for 2010

Trinidad and Tobago’s national football (soccer) squad – the Soca Warriors – and their historic qualification for the Football World Cup in Germany two years ago, together with their heroic efforts against their first round opponents (England, Sweden, and Panama) remain a topic of great pride for Trinbagonians.

And it’s a pride well-earned: technically, we should have been the first Caribbean nation ever to qualify, after a controversial ruling that allowed Haiti to take that honour in 1974. But Haiti did, after all, blaze the trail for emancipation and self-rule for colonies throughout the world, so we won’t hold it against them. Nevertheless, in 2006, Trinidad and Tobago still made history by being the smallest nation (in terms of population) ever to participate in the prestigious World Cup.

The next World Cup will be held in South Africa in 2010, and Trinidad and Tobago is warming up with regional friendlies, through an away game against Puerto Rico on 26 January, and a home game against Guadeloupe on Ash Wednesday (the day after Carnival – ouch!).

For full coverage of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches, click here. And in the mean time, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation has a new video out to whip up Soca Warrior supporters worldwide. Check it out below.


Caroline Taylor

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