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Sue the T. Rex looms large in Trinidad

Sue, the 67 million-year-old-Tyrannosaurus rex, is currently visiting our shores in Trinidad and Tobago. Her skeleton, which was found in 1990, resides at the Field Museum in Chicago, and is the largest, most complete T. rex skeleton ever found. 
The small exhibit being held here in Trinidad at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) is impressive and showcases an exact replica of Sue’s colossal bone structure and several interactive and educational displays. One of the organisers of Cayenne International Events, responsible for bringing this exhibit to Trinidad, said he really wanted the young people to come to see it. 
The day we visited, a group of secondary school boys were thoroughly enjoying their time with Sue, asking questions, taking turns on the displays and even digging for fossils in the outdoor sandpit.
This is a great opportunity for the public not only to learn more about this dinosaur, but to see and experience the size of this ancient predator in person. 
Fast Facts
  • $60TT for adults, $40TT for children
  • Monday–Thursday 10am–6pm, Friday & Saturday 10am–7pm, Sunday 1pm–6pm
  • The exhibit continues until 18 June 2010

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Ariann Thompson

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