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The Military History and Aerospace Museum in Chaguaramas

While driving along the Chaguaramas main road, a huge BWIA plane is clearly visible it is here one can find the Military History and Aerospace Museum. 
We started our exploration in the outside section of the museum where military vehicles, aircraft, warships, memorial plaques and even a submarine on display. We were pleased that the BWIA plane was open for viewing and jumped at the opportunity to explore. 
After looking at the vintage vehicles and exploring the other military artefacts, we went into the museum building, which housed a surprisingly large number of items. We perused Amerindian artefacts, ancient weapons, model ships, military uniforms and photographs, thus gaining knowledge of Trinidad’s military involvement in past conflicts and the Chaguaramas peninsula’s role as a military base.
This museum is very educational and is overflowing with displays that would be even more useful if presented differently: for example, information printed on board rather than on paper (which degrades more quickly), or labels on all of the vehicles in the external display area. This would probably require investment by corporate, private or public donors to support this privately run museum, which deserves support to be preserved, maintained and upgraded.
Nevertheless, we had a great time at this museum and gained knowledge about our country’s military history. On my next visit I will organise a guide in advance so I can absorb all the information that is available.
Fast Facts
  • TT$30 for adults
  • Cafeteria and bar on site
  • Tours available for schools and big groups
  • Group rates available for over 20 persons
  • A guide can be organised for 4–5 people
  • Call ahead to book tour
  • Donations are welcome

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Ariann Thompson

3 thoughts on “The Military History and Aerospace Museum in Chaguaramas”

  1. It's amazing how little I know about T&T's military history (it's easy to forget there is one!). Good to hear we have a museum to describe this.

  2. The pictures are dramatic I really must get a group together and go to this museum. I'm going to forward this blog to everyone i think would be interested

  3. The museum is a fascinating place, but don't try to take it all in all at once – you'll end up losing the quality of the experience, and be exhausted at the end. I love the replica of the then-capital St Joseph!

    They need funding in a bad way – they're doing an amazing job with what little they have. One of the things they would like to have is a large flatbed scanner to preserve some important historical documents that are literally crumbling to dust!

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