The Rock – Toco

When I was a child whenever I visited the rocky promontory at Galera Point, Toco, dubbed by locals as ‘The Rock’, I felt as if I was truly standing on the edge of Trinidad. I could almost see myself at the North Easterly border of the green ill shaped map of the island I had drawn in my primary school copybook.


I revisited ‘The Rock’ recently and walked the short distance from the Toco lighthouse and marveled at the great views of the Caribbean Sea meeting the Atlantic Ocean and Tobago, which is visible in the distance on a clear day. We couldn’t explore the lighthouse as it was being renovated, so we happily settled on the rock and relaxed. This is one of my mother’s favorite places to visit and within minutes of being there it is easy to see why. The sound of the waves crashing and the soft breeze blowing creates a soothing atmosphere to sit and take it easy while enjoying the view. If you are not the type to sit still this is a great place to explore. During this visit, a small family was having fun climbing along the rock face when they discovered a PVC pipe that went down through the rocks and magnified the sound of the waves. The kids squealed in delight as they listened to the roar of the ocean.


A fun place to take your family, the area around the lighthouse has been upgraded and includes a few seats to enjoy a picnic under the shade of trees, a car park and toilet facilities. Remember to bring a bag to throw away your trash. Here are some photos from my visit.


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