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“Tings a guan good”

The Jamaica Gleaner reports today that Sean Paul’s latest album The Trinity has now sold 200,000 copies in the US and 600,000 in the rest of the world–bringing it within striking distance of the 1,000,000 platinum mark.

Sean Paul's current tour will take him to Atlanta next, then he will be flying over to England and finally end in Japan. He wants all his local fans to know that he will soon return and that he is one of those carrying the nation's music across the globe.

"A nu me one a di voice fi reggae music ... Man like Junior Gong, Ele, I-Wayne a keep reggae pon di charts, an T.O.K. soon have a locally-made video a run pon 106, so we a do wi ting," stated Sean Paul.

(Read an interview with Sean Paul by David Katz in the feature “Crossover rhythms”, published in the July/August 2003 issue of Caribbean Beat.)


Nicholas Laughlin

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