Trinidad’s San Fernando Hill

The open-air verandah has a pair of binoculars for your viewing pleasure

Couples strolling, friends hanging out and even a large group of nurses doing a project were among the people enjoying the ambiance at San Fernando Hill when I arrived.

I have been waiting to visit the hill for a while now and expected to be one of the only people there so early on a Tuesday morning! An almost 360 degree view of San Fernando, beautiful trees and well maintained grounds makes it no surprise that this 200-metre high natural landmark attracts a crowd.

Picnic tables are spread over the property making this a perfect spot for families to meet. The grounds can also be rented out for parties and weddings. A visitor centre on site offers information about the history, geology, flora and fauna of the hill. I learnt that the early Amerindians who settled at the hills’ base named it Anaparima, which translates to ‘single hill’.

While exploring, I came across an open-air verandah with binoculars through which miniscule details in the town could be identified! Such a serene spot, I was surprised at how large the grounds were and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Below are some images from my visit.

Fast Facts

  • Opening hours: 9am – 5:30pm
  • Bathroom facilities available
  • Cafeteria hours: 9am – 5pm
  • Conference room available for events
  • Large parking area
  • For more info call 653-9563

At the top of San Fernando Hill

Well maintained grounds with benches to relax on and footpaths to stroll along

Gazing over the edge of the Hill

One of the amazing views 

The landscape is beautiful and interesting

Labels identify some of the trees on the grounds

A view from the open-air verandah

Flowering Ixora plants and Tamarind trees can be found on the grounds

An interesting sight as three friends relax on the Hill with their oversized pink bear

A panoramic view from the Hill showcases San Fernando’s beauty


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