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Tyrico Bay #traveltuesday

Even though Tyrico Bay in Trinidad is a minute’s drive from Maracas Bay, it is not nearly as popular. While this beach is much more intimate and does not have built in facilities (there are only a few portable toilets and no food stalls), it is long and wide and the water looked so inviting the day we visited. No wonder there were so many people there even though it was a weekday. 
With Maracas Bay so close by you can easily elect someone in your group to drive there quickly and bring back food (bake and shark, anyone?), and enjoy a less crowded beach.


Ariann Thompson

2 thoughts on “Tyrico Bay #traveltuesday”

  1. I've never been to Tyrico before. I know about it but everyone always talk about Maracas. Thanks for highlighting it, the photos are beautiful.

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