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Who sorry now?

Well, I must be real stupid, but I don’t see why Brian Lara should be apologising to the West Indies Cricket Board for the things he said after the fourth Test against India last month. Obviously he was irritated: by the preparation of the pitch, by not having the type of attack he wanted, and by some sort of mess-up in appointing him to the selectors’ panel in good time. But if Lara was expressing his irritation, it was the WICB that caused it.

We have a genius for turning points of legitimate debate into matters of propriety: no dirty linen in public please (then the laundry can be hidden away, if not under the carpet then at least in a closet). The points Lara was making have not really been addressed: he has just been forced to apologise for making them in public. And if stuff like this is supposed to be settled internally, as the Board insists, how come Lara’s apology had to be splashed all over the media by the Board itself? A captain’s apology for going public is trumpeted by his Board . . . in public?

Having obliged Lara to make a ritual submission, perhaps the Board has some apologising to do as well, for inconsistency, for weakening the captaincy, and for not yet properly addressing the captain’s complaints (there’s that cunning reservation about how of course the captain can’t expect to get his way all the time).

Seems to me that pitch preparation is a real issue that needs a lot more public discussion. And that if a captain says he needs more pace in his attack, or more spin or whatever, that’s exactly what he should get, no questions asked. He’s the one who has to win the match. Otherwise it’s like telling a five-star general: We’re giving you spears instead of tanks, now go out and thrash the enemy. And no sulking, there’s a good boy.

– Jeremy Taylor  

Caroline Taylor

Caroline is an editor and staff writer at MEP. She is also on MEP’s board of directors, and moonlights as an actor, singer, and director. She’s passionate about telling stories – on the page, on the stage, on screen – and in particular about documenting Caribbean lives and events. She’s currently trying to master unplugging from her iLife… For more: Author posts

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